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Ways to receive money from your website easily

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At a certain time in your online labor, there will arise the need of receiving payments from clients / readers of your blog that are either within or outside the country. When you get to this stage, you will need to take a careful look at what payment methods are available to you and make a good choice in a way that it will be suitable for your customers and you as well.

In fact, this whole article is about how you can receive payments from your customers from your website automatically (without making a lot of calls and sending a lot of mails). so hang on and let us get started


Paypal is a fintech company founded by elon musk and now being owned by Ebay, the online payment solution is the most preferred and versatile way to make payments worldwide. It is extremely easy to use.

Due to the popularity of the payment solution called paypal, almost all plugins in the wodpress directory that will need you to accept payment from your websites visitors are already integrated with paypal freely, so all you need to do is to go to the paypal official website and create a merchant account ( note that in paypal there are two kinds of account which are paypal shopper account and the paypal merchant account. the paypal shoppers account only allows you to send money and buy things online).

Once you have successfully created your paypal merchant account, just copy the API keys and fix it on the target plugin dashboard.


Paystack is often referred to as the paypal of Nigeria. it allows you to receive payments from people all over the world in dollars or naira.

The payment solution was specifically built for merchants in Nigeria and Ghana.

To get started, go check if you target plugin is already integrated with paystack and if it is not, you can contact a developer to do so for you. However, if it is integrated by default, all you need to do is to create a paystack account and give them the bank account you want the money to be paid to.


This is very great and useful startup as it gives you the opportunity to easy receive payments from companies that pay in foreign currencies.

So for instance, if you earn from commission junction which is an affiliate network, you can send your commission junction earnings directly to your payoneer account (in any currency) and from there convert it to your local currency and then transfer it to your local bank account.


As long as you are dealing with local clients (those within your country of operation), sending and receiving money using the bank transfer method is still highly rated and utilized, at first, you or your client will not have to face any payment gateway charges as the bank currently do not charge for intra bank cash transfer.

I would also not advise you use your personal bank account for this purpose, you can simply create a business bank account for business purposes. This will secure you from potential scammers and also build your reputation.

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