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Best Ways To Fund Tech Startup

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technology has gave rise to a whole lot of tech startups in the world today with africa not left out of the tech wave.

but one of the major aspects of starting a tech startup or company is the funding aspect of it because a lot of people do not have a good knowledge of the basic coding and programming languages needed to start a tech startup.

So today, i am going to show you some of the most common ways tech companies and startup around the world use to make availiable the startup capital for their business.

Most of these companies are now multi billion dollars companies while other are a complete failure.

You also have to know that although funding and adequate capital may contribute to the success of your business, it does not necessary mean your company will be successful. A lot of tech companies have received millions of dollars in funding only to be a total failure.

So be sure that your company is doing the right thing in making it scale fast as well as remaining cash flow positive.

So let us quickly dive into the various ways you can raise some money to start your tech company.


your family and friends is the first source of funding while starting your business. startups that have become great tech companies like google (founded by sergry brin and larry page back then while they were still in college) obtained their first round of funding from their extended family as well as friends and followers.

this is actually easy because you do not need much preparation to get them to give you money if they actually have it. But somethings especially when yiu have parents that work for the government, they might not want to give you money until their sure that your business will be a success.

So i advise you start out small and then instead of asking for funding to start your business, you will be asking for funding to scale your business.


If your startup cost is not an enormous amount of money that you cannot afford, there is no harm is trying to make a saving goal towards it. this methods is actually the best because you will not be answerable to anybody or company and you can own a hundred percent share of your company.

If you live in Africa or Nigeria and you wish to carry out a saving goals towards your startup, you can use a fin tech system like piggyvest to help you maintain and meet up with your saving goal.


Microfinance banks are kind of much more friendly when it comes to supporting businesses as well as startup compared to commercial banks. this is because they mostly deal with businesses instead of individuals. The process of obtaining a loan from them and the requirements as well as the interest rate is quite lower compared to a commercial bank.


the government or god hearten individuals most often give out grants to small business or entrepreneurs to enable them start or scale their business.

so you can choose a particular grant program which you believe you will stand a good chance of winning and then apply.


The dream of a majority of entrepreneurs and tech`startups is to obtain a huge round of investment from angel investors as well as venture capitalist.

You can get started by registering your company and making an offer to the various investor you thunk would be interested in investing in your company.


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