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3 Ways To Make Money Online

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during the ongoing lock down, making money online as become the trend because there have being an unseen invasion of some long living ponzi schemes in the name of income forums such as atpays foum, nnu income program and the rest of their kind.

However, the reality of making money online is nit as easy and straight forward as these income programs made it look like. Making money online is just as tedious as making money in the physical world, just that if done and regulated well, it can be far more profitable.

so today, i am going to be telling you a couple of ways you can utilize to make money online.

so without wasting anymore time let us get started.


Blogging is simply placing various information online on a blog or social media profile to educate, entertain and inform the public. Blogging is becoming more profitable as the day goes by and so is the competition as well. so if you want to get started, I will advise you get started now.

you can easily set up your blog for less than fifty thousand naira and barely sacrifice less than three hours a day to update and write new articles.


Uploading videos to the world largest video library is kind of like the opposite of blogging and is also very profitable once you got a certain amount o follower base.

All you need to get started is picking a niche that your youtube channel will be about and then get a youtube channel for free (you can do so simply be using your gmail account).

youtube will pay you based on the performance of your videos ( that is the amount of views your video gets.

Creating viral and informative videos often (best on a schedule) will go a long way to ensure you get subscribers.

Furthermore, youtube pays video creators about $4 to $9 (depending on a lot of factors like niche, location and advertisers bid) for every 500 views their video get on youtube.


If you got any special information that you can share to people, you can format it into an ebook format and sell it on the various ebook marketplace available on the web such as amazon kindle publishing or you can even build a website to sell your ebook independently.

There are however some important things you should take note of such as


having a strong and precise title for your ebook will go a long way in captivating the mind of potential buyers who may to sales and then money for you


you have to have a solid plan of marketing your ebooks, you can try out using amazon kindle or facebook ads or even starting your won blog to help gain a solid and recurrent audience


have you noticed the trend in the pricing of various things on the internet? if No, you should try checking out for products in your niche and checking for the price range, this would give you an hint as to what people interested in your niche are willing to spend on digital products.

Once all those things are in place, you can startup and make as much money as your ebook can sell and is worth.

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