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Google Adsense Best Practices

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Google adsense is currently the easiest and by far the most popular way of monetizing your blog. but people do not actually read the terms of service (also called program policy) before they optin to the program.

this will later lead to them breaking one or tow of the program policy which will surely attract a penalty from google adsense.

However, today, i am going to give you in a summary what you need to know that you ought never to do. If you do them, trust google, they will catch up with you, detect your website and must often than not ban it from participating in the adsense program for life.

If you have ever used google adsense before, you will notice that they were very strict when it comes to how publishers use their services. So a little advice from me “never make then mark your blog for something negative”

so without wasting anymore time, let us get into the things you must never do if you do not want to have issues with google adsense in the future.

Never click on your own ads

In the world and era of online banner advertising (especially those that pay their publishers per click) clicking on an ads on your own website is more unless considered as a crime. this is because you make the advertising budget of the advertiser less valuable for your selfish aim of making more money. this also goes a wrong way to spoil the reputation of the ads company google adsense. If google adsense detects that you have being clicking on your ads (it does not matter how smart you are, they will surely catch you. Just think of it, they have the largest computing power in the world’s history and you probably only have your phone and a computer system), they will immediately ban your account and you will loose your entire earnings.

Somethings the algorithm may be a little over worked that it will not quickly detect your invalid clicks, but before any payment is being made to you by google adsense, they will surely scan your clicks for cheated clicks and if any is found, sorry but no payment for you and your account will be banned.

Do not manipulate the adsense ads code

this happens when especially you have some basic knowledge of coding. Coding or re – coding or even altering the adsense ads unit code in the slightest way will draw your google adsense account out of the safe zone to a point where it is liable to be banned.

So to play safe and remain safe, do not alter the adsense code in any way if fact, consider using the copy and paste feature so that you can be rest assured you place the codes as they are written.

Do not encourage clicks or pay people to click

Many people tell people on their blog post to encourage and support their work by just clicking on an as before they exit the website while others create whatsapp groups to groom people to click their ads on a daily basis.

If you do any of these, be rest assured that you are going to be banned for life. and remember, once you have being banned from the adsense program, you cannot use it for life because they only allow you to own one account in a life time.


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