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Top Tech Startups In Africa

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today i am going to tell you some of the top techbstartup in africa today as well as where the inspiration and funding came from.

it may also interest you to know that tech startup is the next big thing with no sight of stopping.

so without wasting anymore time, let us get into the matter of today.


Paystack is called the paystack of nigeria, they are a financial tech startup that helps merchants in Nigeria and ghana receive credit card payments from people all over the world effotlessly.

Not too long after the founding of paypal, a good number if africans resolved to using the platform to scam people from all over the world and this led to paypal making a drastic move to banned most part of africa from using the merchant service of receiving money using the paypal acount.

this was the simple problem, paystack came to solve and to be honest they have solved it.

with thousands of customers from ghana and Nigeria, paystack is currently leading the financial tech startup industry in Nigeria.


Whogohost is one of the leading web hosting and service provider in africa today. the comapny was founder by opeyemi who is a Nigeria and co founder of innovate nigeria which is a web design company in Nigeria.

The company currently has some foreign deck of staffs to help boost the performance of their systems as well as market their product more often.


Iroko tv was founded by jason njoku and is still currently one of the largest mobile video streaming system is africa.

the need for iroko tv according to jason njoku arouse when he traveled to the united kingdom and found out that he could not find anywhere to purchase or watch african movies, so he came back to lagos and decided to start a business of buying rights to nollywood videos and upload them on youtube for the free consumption of the public. the earning came only from google ads served on youtube and he was doing quite well.

with the top rising investors in nigeria, iroko tv was able to raise a good number of funding to build and raise the company to the point where it is today.


Opay is also owned by the Hungarian company known as Opera. Opera was being around for some time with the invasion of their popular browser opera mini and their news aggregator called opera news.

but earlier in the year 2019, they began to launch a whole new set of startups such as opay (a financial technological system similar to paypal), Oride (a vehicle managing software similar to bolt and taxify), Omart ( an online market place like jiji and amazon). and with a robust investment, they have being able to fund their startup and create enough awareness.

thus they have funded their way up to the top.


Oride is a taxi and customer linking system that helps link people lookin for a cab or taxi to the closest taxi in their environment. it is quite similar to bolt and taxify that are already in full operation in africa and Nigeria.

The company is owned by opera the same company that owns opera news as well as opay which is a finance technological startup.

to get started with oride, i would advise you merge with all their services like opay and omart which are also sisters companies to ensure your smoth movement.

Due to the huge brand name, they have being able to secure a lot of investment from investors across the globe. that is why they are able to allocate a huge amount of money to promotions such as facebook and google ads.

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