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having backlinks to your website from other websites is definitely a sure way of boosting your websites credibility as well as authority and the direct consequence of that is that your website and blog post tends to rank higher on google search result.

Right from the founding of google (recall the college days of sergry brin and larry page), the number and strength of links pointing to a website or web page is actually part of the ranking algorithm.

So how on earth do you get thousands of backlinks from other website when you only own one tiny website? this is the question i will be answering today and by the time we are done, you can start building the authority link profile of your website.

But you must also know that link building must never be done to trick google algorithm to rank your bog higher, if you do so, google will find your blog and penalize it. So do link building the right and google safe way.

so without wasting any more time, let us get started

Guest Blogging

guest blogging involves being a temporary author on another website. this would give you the privilege of publishing articles on that specific blog and then you would have the connection to link to some articles on your personal blog (only place a link when your link ads value to the article, if you disobey this rule, the owner of the website may be forced to delete your link).

You can find a host of guest blogging opportunity by relating and building solid relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

you can also contact the admin of a blog you wish to publish a guest post either through their contact for or email address and let them know of your intention.

Help fix broken links

This is one link building strategy that is widely appraise by top search engine optimization gurus such as dean brain of backlinko and neil patel of neil patel digital. All you need is to find a target website and help the owner of the website find a broken link on his website that could also be linked to an article on your own website. You can easily carry out this task using some of the top broken link checking tool which you can find on smallseotools or ahref.

Once you find a promising broken link, you can reach out to the owner of the website and tell him about the broken link and the article of your which could serve as a good fit for that link.

Just to be honest, it works eight out of every twelve times.

Leading top industry researches

Are your articles referred to as reference points that are worth referencing? if no, you can get to work today and start carry out some huge data research in your niche that other bloggers will equally find useful to their audience. Once you done that, you can put the result in various formats, preferably a blog post, round off research page or better off an infograph.

you can then reach out to the bloggers in your niche and let them know of the experiment you conducted as well as the result. They may not link to you instantly, but in the long run, you will see your link profile growing.

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