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3 Ways To Make Money As A Student

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If you are in school currently or you are planning to learn a trade or skill or business with which you can support yourself while studying.

In Nigeria today, the cost of obtaining a degree in any university in Nigeria is quite on the high side as you would need not just to upset your school fees but the cost of other processes such as project works and textbooks will drain up all your allowances.

So getting a skill or side hustle as a student in Nigeria is highly advisable and will do more good than harm in the long run.

The only disadvantage of obtaining and grooming your skills while in school is that it may affect your performance but do not worry, with time you will be able to balance the ladder and get things up equally.

So without wasting anymore time on intro, let us get started


Mini importation is the act of buying things in bulk from international websites and merchants such as those you can find on amazon and aliexpress or alibaba. So just a brief summary of what mini importation entails. you source for a hot and easy to sell product in your locality and then source for a seller of the product on aliexpress or any other reliable ecommerce website (websites based in china are usually the top choices because the cost of production there is usually low and the products will be extremely cheap).

after finding a merchant who sells and ships the required product to your location, you can then order and make payment.

Most at times, they usually ship the product to either lagos, abuja or port harcourt, if you are not based in any of these cities, you can choose to waybe the products to your destination.

once your product get to you, you can then sell at a good price and make over a hundred percent profit.


Just as barbing is for boys, hairdressing is equally for girls, all you need to do is to master the skill extremely well and you will get a lot of clients and customers the moment you move into the hostel.

Note that people are surely quick to change their barbers or hairdressers when they find a better or even cheaper alternative. You can get started with just one clipper (some students even got their personal clipper) and scale from there.

It can actually turn out to what you do for a living is done well with commitment and zeal.


If you are like me that knows how to bake a lot of snacks and pastries such as meat pie or cake, you can do yourself a lot of good by building a bakery brand while in schools.

If you are already a students, you will know for a truth that students of this age love parties more than anything. so if your prices are good and you offer fantastic products, it would not be difficult for you to land a couple of contracts every month.

also put in mind that most female students get married while in school, so you can equally get the opportunity to gain more clients outside your school environment.

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